You are dead! And cast to hell! 

Fortunately, an imp offers you a way out to escape eternal torture. It's a bet: can you reach the exit before you lifeforce expires? He's even willing to allow you certain powers, but at a price: your lifeforce...

The IMPossible Escape

My Ludum Dare 44 Entry. The theme is "Your life as currency". It's a timed precision platformer. Your healthbar represents the timer, and you can buy any power charges you want in exchange of a bit of health. Try to finish with the maximum health remaining!

Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to add more levels, nor sounds, nor to polish. Maybe in the future! 

How to play

Keyboard and Gamepad are supported.

  • Move: Arrows | Left joystick
  • Jump: Space | (A) button
  • Dash: X key | (X) button.


  • Design, programming,  animations: Matthieu Golsenne
  • Design, art: Laetitia Payeur


Download 22 MB

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